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DataRendezVous™ allows you to connect data suppliers (municipalities, businesses…) and contributors (data scientists, statisticians, collaborators…).
On top of this, it is also an amazing data marketplace where everyone, depending on their needs, can source relevant, rich and certified data.


Valorize your data capital thanks to a tool that facilitates data analysis, sharing and collective intelligence!


Promote creation of new services by making your data sets accessible, methodically and safely.


Your mission: facilitate value creation by helping organizations leverage their data by responding to their offers.


Search for rich, relevant and certified data, private or public, for any type of need in an easy and simple way.

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Publish, enrich and share your data sets


Monetize your enriched data in the Marketplace


Work collaboratively in private or public groups


Clean and enrich your data easily


Work with all types of your data formats (xls,csv,…) & API


Combine and merge your data sets easily and quickly


Visualize your results in dashboards and share them


Your data is secured and accessible on the go

Monetize your enriched data in the Marketplace

Buy or sell your enriched data sets on our Marketplace

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Client reviews : they share their experiences

  • The department responsible for statistical analysis uses DataRendezVous™ to industrialize the creation and sharing of the group’s RSE reporting. The platform is used to collect, clean, qualify, enrich and format the data before making it public.

  • Thanks to a real time collection of data from the production lines, Schneider uses the platform DataRendezVous™ to run mathematical models and to optimize the electrical consumption of their clients' industrial installations.

  • The largest network of accounting experts in France provides a prospective observatory market of agriculture and viticulture. DataRendezVous™ is used to clean data accessible in CER France's information system, and enrich it by OPEN DATA in order to valorize this intelligence in the form of reports and data commercialization via the marketplace.

  • L’Agence Nationale des Fréquences is subject to the data-opening laws, like any public institution in France. Not only has Anfr answered to the legal obligation, but they have also used the opening up of their data to create a community that innovates with their data, thanks to the platform DataRendezVous™.


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